Doggie-Zen Hol-ee Stuffer - Faux Fur with Crinkle

Doggie-Zen Hol-ee Stuffer - Faux Fur with Crinkle


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Doggie-Zen is a family business established in 2008 in Sweden by two sisters, Sara and Hanna. They began as dog training instructors, specializing in training reactive dogs. Having good rewards has always been important in their work, so they started to manufacture their own toys so they would have exactly what they wanted.

Stuff this Doggie-Zen faux fur crinkle "pillow" inside a Medium (4.5") Hol-ee Roller ball or Medium (6"L x 3"W) Hol-ee Football to make the ball even more fun and enticing for your dog. You can also use the toy by itself as an attention-getting toy that fits in your pocket.

Size is 4" x 4" x 1.5"H.

Note: The Hol-ee Roller ball is sold separately.

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