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eDog Hi Visibility Fleece Harness

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eDog is a British company that makes excellent products for every dog!

The eDog Hi Visibility Fleece Harness is a Y-shaped dog harness made from high-grade, double-layer fleece that's reinforced with strength-tested, matching color nylon webbing. It has all the same comfort features as the eDog Classic Fleece harness, but for safety purposes, high-visibility reflective tape is sewn to the top of the webbing. This is designed to keep your dog safe when walking in low light conditions.

This comfortable walking harness features

  • Wide, V-shaped fleece shoulder straps
  • A girth strap fully lined with fleece to protect your dog's sensitive areas with elastic sewn in to prevent slipping
  • 2 points of adjustment on either side of girth strap
  • X-shaped back with D-ring for leash attachment
  • Front D-ring so that you can use the harness with a double-ended lead to train your dog not to pull
  • Easy over-the-head fit with quick-snap side clips

Made in Cumbria, UK.

Note: The eDog Hi Visibility Fleece Harness is designed for either double-connection leash use—front and back D-rings, which is called 2-point contact in Tellington TTouch leading techniques—or leash connection solely from the back D-ring on the dog's shoulders. The harness is NOT designed to be used as a front-leading harness.

What size harness does your dog need? Click on the Sizing tab above for instructions on how to measure your dog and choose the appropriate size.

How to Measure Your Dog

Getting good measurements is key to getting a well-fitting harness that is comfy for the dog. Using a flexible measuring tape, take two measurements. Make sure that your dog is standing squarely when you take these measurements:

  • Neck Measurement: Pull the tape measure snugly around the bottom of the neck where your dog's collar would sit as shown. The neck measurement is only to ensure the harness fits over your dog's head, as the harness straps sit on your dog's shoulders.
  • Girth Measurement: Starting at a point about 3" behind your dog's elbows, measure all the way around his girth as shown. 

Find the Correct Neck Opening

To find the correct neck opening, add one of the following to your dog's actual neck measurement:

  • For small and medium dogs, add 3.5" (9cm) to your dog's actual neck size 
  • For large dogs add 4" to 4.75" (10-12cm) to your dog's actual neck size

For example, we measured a 34lb. male BC in the office. His neck measures 14", which means the harness we choose needs to have a neck opening of at least 17.5".

Find Your Dog's Girth Span

Next check the girth span on the size chart. Your dog should have at least 2.75" (7cm) to spare in the girth range you select; for example, if your dog's girth measures 24" (61cm), you will need a harness that accommodates a 26.75" (68cm) girth.

Our example medium dog would need an M2 harness, which accommodates a girth of 25.59" to 31.49".

Harness Size Neck Opening Girth
XS 13.77"
11.81" to 17.71"
30 to 45cm
S 15.74"
15.74" to 21.65"
40 to 55cm
SM 17.71"
19.68" to 25.59"
50 to 65cm
M1 19.68"
19.68" to 25.59"
50 to 65cm
M2 21.65"
25.59" to 31.49"
65 to 80cm
DM* 21.65"
27.55" to 33.46"
70 to 85cm
ML 23.60"
29.52" to 35.43"
75 to 90cm

*For deep-chested dogs like Boxers, Large male Labs, etc.


Do You Have the Right Size Harness for Your Dog?

After putting your harness on your dog and adjusting the fit, check the fit.

  • The harness should fit snugly but not restrictively. If it is too loose, the straps can rub and cause chafing. A loose harness also means your dog may be able to escape out of it. A harness that's too tight will be restrictive for your dog. You should be able to get one finger under both side girth straps of the harness.
  • While wearing his harness, your dog should be able to do everything as he normally does.

The eDog Hi Visibility Fleece Harness is machine washable at 86-104ºF (30-40ºC).

Hang the harness to dry (no tumble drying).

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