Flexiness PawStackers - Mini, Set of 4

Flexiness PawStackers - Mini, Set of 4



Flexiness fitness products were created by a canine physiotherapist and certified canine fitness trainer in Switzerland. The products have been designed specifically for dogs; they are not human products that have been adapted for dogs. 

Flexiness PawStackers are a useful tool for dynamic balance training, motor skill development, and independent limb awareness. They can also be used to improve weight-bearing capability in individual limbs. If show your dog in conformation events, you can also use PawStackers to teach your dog the art of stacking in a positive way. 

The Flexiness Mini PawStackers were designed especially for smaller feet although you can also use them with bigger dogs who need more of a challenge. The pods are 4-3/4" (12cm) in diameter at the base and 2.5" high. They can be used on both sides: flat side down (less challenging) or the textured, dome-side down (more challenging).

Teach your dog to put all four feet on pods, just his two rear feet, just his front feet, or just a single paw. Teach your dog to stand with his front feet on balance pods and his rear feet on another balance product such as the Flexiness TwinDisc, Flexiness DonutDisc, K9FITbone, or FlexiPAWS Cloud.

We recommend using the PawStackers on yoga mats or other rubber mats such as the SensiMats

PawStackers are shipped inflated, but the air can be regulated with a needle pump (not included). 

Packaging: Flexiness Mini PawStackers come in a set of 4 for the price shown.

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