Flexiness StackingBar - Pink, Small & Advanced Dogs

Flexiness StackingBar - Pink, Small & Advanced Dogs


Buy 2+, save $12 each (mix pink & purple styles)

Flexiness fitness products were created by a canine physiotherapist and certified canine fitness trainer in Switzerland. The products have been designed specifically for dogs; they are not human products that have been adapted for dogs.

The Flexiness StackingBars are ideal for balance training, muscle building, and core work for all sizes of dogs. Changing the level of air in the bar changes its stability which encourages the dog to engage different muscles to maintain balance. 

The pink StackingBar is for smaller dogs or dogs that are advanced in their fitness training. Fitness beginners and larger dogs that need more stability should start with the light purple StackingBar. The bars are sold individually so that you can combine the two different types.

The StackingBar is made of very durable PVC. The surface  is 13-1/2" long and 4-5/8" wide, and the bar is 2" high. The StackingBar has 2 different working surfaces:

  • A flat surface on one side
  • A wave pattern like the SensiMat V2, which supports a parallel posture, on the opposite side

You can use the StackingBar by itself or combine multiple StackingBars (or other fitness props) to create many different exercises. If you use the StackingBar with the SensiMat V1 or V2, the nubs on the products interlock for more stability.

Note: The StackingBar is shipped uninflated. A needle pump (sold separately) is required to inflate.

Packaging: StackingBars are sold individually for the price shown.

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