Handler's Choice Swing-Back Safety Tire Jump

Handler's Choice Swing-Back Safety Tire Jump


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This competition swing-back breakaway tire features internal magnets at both the top and bottom that allow the two sides of the tire to separate like saloon doors if a dog hits it.

The aluminum frame is as small as possible and flat on the bottom for maximum safety. The uprights are 36" tall and the width of the frame from outside edge to outside edge is 36". The tire is made of soft-shell PE foam and is 24" in diameter. 

The jump heights marked on the sides of the frame are 8", 12", 16", 20", and 24", but you can set the tire at any height from 5" to 24".

This tire jump was designed to conform with AAC, CPE, and UKI specifications. At this time, however, swing-back tires are not allowed in USDAA or AKC competition. It is however, an excellent choice for training because of the price point.

The tire and frame are shipped unassembled in order to allow the entire tire jump to fit in one box, so assembly is required before the initial use (see instructions).

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Lightweight, easy to move
With agility equipment tending to be big and heavy, this tire jump is lightweight and easy to move (just watch the long feet). The free shipping was a big bonus. The only thing: the two-toned cover is the extra tire cover. It comes with a solid yellow tire cover, so if you want to use the extra two-toned cover, one needs to puncture holes in it when installing. It’s easy, but was confusing at first since the photos didn’t match what was delivered.
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