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Haqihana Harness - Multicolor


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Haqihana is an Italian company that prides itself on handmaking every one of their harnesses since 2004. The materials used are all produced in Europe. This harness is recommended by Turid Rugaas, Norwegian dog trainer and author of On Talking Terms With Dogs: Calming Signals and other books.

  • The Haqihana Harness is designed so that it doesn't rest against the neck and so that it allows the dog's shoulders to move freely. 
  • The webbing, made exclusively for Haqihana, is made of high-tenacity, spun-dyed nylon-6 which is known for its softness, optimal strength-to-weight ratio, and abrasion resistance. It is also fully recyclable, making it environmentally-friendly! 
  • All the parts are assembled with safety stitching. The folds that are in contact with the dog's skin are finished with a special stitching designed to avoid scratches and rubbing, even in dogs with short or clipped hair.
  • Two buckles on the back straps make putting on and removing the harness a breeze for both you and the dog!
  • The Haqihana is made to fit a wide range of dogs. Sizes even include "long" styles, expressly designed for deep-chested and long dogs. The harness also features five points of adjustment (both front straps, both back straps, and the belly strap) so it can easily fit dogs of all shapes and sizes. 
  • The relative sizing of the harness parts and their positioning on the dog's body are designed to ensure maximum comfort in any situation. When the dog pulls or needs to be held back, the pressure applied by the leash is directed exclusively on the sternum, then on the chest, and finally on the skeleton. This distribution avoids any pain, sense of constriction, rubbing or tension on the skin, restriction of movement, or other discomfort.
  • Haqihana offers a five-year guarantee from the date of purchase for any defect, breakage, or other problems that arise which are not from normal wear and tear or improper usage and care.

Each of the straps of the Multicolor Haqihana Harness is a different color, but the pattern is the same for all of the harnesses.

For a full review of the Haqihana Harness, visit https://rebarkable.com/haqihana-dog-harness-honest-review/.

What size harness does your dog need? Click on the Sizing tab above for instructions on how to measure your dog and choose the appropriate size.

How to Measure Your Dog

Using a flexible measuring tape, measure around your dog's girth at the widest part, allowing at least 2" to the back of the front legs (more than 2" is fine). Select one of the sizes below based on that measurement. Sizes include "long" styles which have the same girth size, but a longer top and belly strap to fit deep-chested and long dogs (Whippets, Dobermans, Dachsunds, Greyhounds, etc.

Note: When trying the harness on your dog for the first time, adjust the buckles and lengths of the various straps according to the photo below the size chart.

Harness Size Webbing Width Girth Measurement (min to max)
XS 5/8"  (.59mm) 16.92" to 21.65"  (43 to 55cm)
XS Long 5/8"  (.59mm) 16.92" to 21.65"  (43 to 55cm)
SM 3/4"  (.78mm) 21.65" to 29.52"  (55 to 75cm)
SM Long 3/4"  (.78mm) 21.65" to 29.52"  (55 to 75cm)
MD 1"  (.98mm) 27.55" to 35.43"  (70 to 90cm)
MD Long 1"  (.98mm) 27.55" to 35.43"  (70 to 90cm)
LG 1"  (.98mm) 29.52" to 43.30"  (75 to 110cm)

Correct Harness Fit

The Haqihana Harness is designed to sit low on the front of the dog so that the front ring is on the dog's sternum/chest bone and the front end of the top strap is at the dog's withers. There should be at least 2" (5cm) of space between the dog's armpits and the harness. If there is less than this, then you need the long version of the harness in your size; for example, MD-Long instead of MD.

Customer Reviews

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5/5 with 2 reviews

The BEST harness
I studied with Turid Rugaas in 2014-2015, which is when I learned about the Haqihana harness. I have been using them ever since. Mine have lasted through several dogs and are the best harness I've found, in terms of ease of use and apparent comfort (No way to ask my dogs, but they don't seem to mind putting them on!). I have successfully used them as No Pull harnesses simply by clipping the leash to the front ring that holds the straps together. But dogs tend to pull on them less than other harnesses anyway, another reason I think it is probably a more comfortable harness. Turid's thinking is that dogs will pull to try and get away from something causing them discomfort, not understanding that the pulling is increasing the discomfort!
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Love the harness
Our dog is approx 25lb (11.4 kg) with lean and somewhat long torso. The body buckle is adjusted to the tightest because of her slim body. The body belt/buckle fits her perfect at the moment, no sagging of the belt in a circumference. If our dog loses some weight and becomes even more slim, the body belt/buckle might become too loose (we already tried XS-long and that was too tight on our dog). Before purchasing, we searched and googled all over the internet but could not find a decent video/images on a dog by the actual user. Here is Hagihara Harness on our dog. https://youtu.be/5cvqw9CLq6c
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