Jumping Grid Workbook

Jumping Grid Workbook

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Author: Susan Salo
Format: Paperback, 8.5" x 11", Full color
Length: 152 pages
Release Date: 2023

The Jumping Grid Workbook is a comprehensive reference for 20 of Susan Salo's jumping grids. The information for each grid includes an overview that explains why the grid is important and how it should be performed, how to set up the grid, jump spacing and height, use of the target, dog and handler starting positions, a detailed progression of the training stages for doing each grid with illustrations, problem solving ideas, suggestions on how much to practice the grid, proofing techniques, how to add handler motion, how to add handling (if appropriate for that grid), and grid variations (if any) that you can do.

The workbook also includes six lesson plans to guide you with creating your own jumping program for a new dog, a dog having jumping problems, a dog that needs tuning up before a big competition, or a dog that just needs regular maintenance work.

Since introducing her jumping program and making the DVDs, Susan has found that some dogs and handlers struggle to make the transition from foundation and advanced gridwork to adding motion and handling to their gridwork. With the addition of specific information on these subjects to each grid explanation, the Jumping Grid Workbook is designed to help people who are already familiar with the jumping program make this transition more easily.

While there is introductory information on the "anatomy" of a jump, the book does not go into the same depth on Susan's jumping theory as the DVDs. Ideally the workbook is used as a supplement to Susan's DVDs, but it can also be used on its own without the DVDs.

About Grid Work

Drills of some sort are a constant part of any athletic endeavor to maintain the reliability and precision of the skill sets required by the sport. In agility, jumping skills are no different than contact skills and weave pole entry skills—we must set aside time for the dogs to practice the skills separately from course and sequence work.

The grids in this workbook are intended to give you a means of isolating the various aspects of jumping mechanics and allow time for your dog to practice jumping skills in a quiet, encouraging environment. Practicing gridwork gives your dog an opportunity to focus on his jumping skills so he can develop understanding and confidence, and ultimately speed. It also aids in the development and maintenance of the muscles and core strength necessary for successful jumping.

All of the lines and patterns that are offered in this workbook will ultimately present themselves on agility courses in the form of straight lines, bending lines, and slices. As you teach your dog always to be looking ahead of where he is, he will begin to recognize these patterns no matter how they may be presented in the agility ring, and he will be able to confidently accomplish them with ease of motion. Patience and training time spent on gridwork will pay off in huge dividends later.

About the Author
Susan Salo has over 35 years of experience in the world of show jumping as both a competitor and a professional trainer. She has ridden for many years with some of the nation's most noted horsemen including Gene Lewis, George Morris, and the late Jimmy Williams. Susan brings her extensive experience of combining speed with jumping to the sport of dog agility. She offers a unique perspective and knowledge of the mechanical aspects of jumping which, when properly applied, can create muscle memory and balance for the canine athlete. Not to be confused with handling seminars, her lessons and workshops focus entirely on the dog—building better jumping skills and instilling more confidence and speed. Training with Susan is an opportunity to develop your "eye" and witness dogs learning about balance, striding, and scope until jumping becomes effortless for them.



Before You Begin Training

  • Which Dogs Should Do Gridwork?
  • What “Size” Is My Dog?
  • Targets
  • General Guidelines for Gridwork
  • How Often Should You Practice Grids?
  • The Importance of Conditioning, Warm-ups, and Cool Downs
  • Reading the Diagrams

Anatomy of the Jump

Adjustable Stride Grid #1 (Foundation)

Adjustable Stride Grid #2

Bend Work Foundation Grid

Circle Grid

Circle to Extension Grid

Circle to Figure-8 Grid

Figure-8 Grid

Jumps and Tunnels Grid

Ladder Grid #1 (Foundation Plyometric Exercise)

Ladder Grid #2 (Advanced Plyometric Exercise)

Lead Change Grid

Oval to Figure-8 Grid 

Progressive Grid 

S Grid 

Serpentine Grid 

Set Point Exercise 

Straight-Line Stride Grid 

X Grid 

X Bend Grid 

Zig-Zag Grid 

Appendix 1: Types of Grids 

Bend Work/Lead Change Grids 

Collection to Extension Work 

Extension to Collection Work 

Foundation Grids 

Handling Grids 

Plyometric/Bounce Grids 

Stride Grids 

Appendix 2: Sample Lesson Plans 

Lesson Plan: Dogs with Little or No Jump Education 

Lesson Plan: Puppies 

Lesson Plan: Young Dogs Transitioning from Jump Bumps to Jumps or Just Attaining Full Jump Height 

Lesson Plan: Maintenance Program 

Lesson Plan: Tuning Up for an Important Competition 

Lesson Plan: Dogs That Take Off Too Early 

Appendix 3: Jumps from the Dog’s Perspective

Appendix 4: The Value of Plyometric Exercises

Appendix 5: The V-bounce Apparatus

About the Author

"The book is beautiful. I'm very impressed with the layout and organization. The photos and illustrations are great. And the information is invaluable, of course. We are looking forward to trying out some new exercises. I also like the input from top competitors—very nicely done! Congrats, and thank you to Clean Run and Susan!" —Shannon Kelly, competitor

"Tonight I came home from work and was excited to see not one but TWO boxes from Clean Run… one just a boring box of clickers, but the other…. THE BOOK!!!!!!!!! I cracked the cover oh so carefully, skimmed it quickly (surrounded by barking dogs as I just got home from work), and the first thought I had was, 'Finally, the worn out notes/crumpled file folder full of nine years of Susan notes can finally stay on the shelf!' It is so thorough, so thoughtfully presented. I've already told the world of FB that everything they ever wanted to know or didn't even know they wanted to know about grid work is in this book. Such a gift to the agility community. Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU! I'm excited to work this book into my classes as a required text." Nicki Gurr, competitor and instructor

"I got the book and I love it. The lesson plans are awesome. She shows all the progressions for the grids so that we can take a dog on forever. If you want your dog to jump the best that she can, I highly recommend this one." —Ann Hopp, competitor

"I bought my copy of Susan Salo's Jump Grid Workbook last week and I LOVE it. Lots of detail, all in one place, well organized, and the lesson plans are a great guideline. I'm so psyched about using this book to keep my dogs' jumping skills tuned up on an ongoing basis!" —MaryHope Schoenfeld, competitor

"Love the new book and all that it offers. Flyer (small golden retriever at summer Clean Run seminar) has been doing really well lately, even QQs with placements at our local trials. But, most importantly, he seems much more comfortable at speed. He's clearing jumps with ease and driving lines thanks to all the gridwork we've done. Can't wait to get into more of the exercises you've set in the book! This is a very comprehensive jumping education/program for which we are very grateful." —Diana Henry, competitor

"My friend has purchased a copy of your book and given it to me to accompany your DVDs (I own them all!). Thank you so very much for writing this valuable and important book. I thank you and I'm sure my dogs wholeheartedly thank you too. Without your help we would never be able to help them with their understanding of jumping and as handlers we would be frustrated at not knowing what to do. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you." —Angela Hamilton, competitor


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Susan Salo is an expert in jumping
Susan Salo is one of the great jumping trainers. This grid workbook explains in great detail how to set up and practice numerous jumping exercises. This is a great resource that you can use for a new agility dog or to work on skills with an experienced dog. I love it!
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Fun exercises
The book is filled with fun jump exercises. The dogs love it with the additional benefit of the dog jumping correctly and cleanly. I highly recommend giving this book a shot.
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