Jumppa Pomppa Fleece Dog Jackets

Jumppa Pomppa Fleece Dog Jackets


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Designed by Pomppa Oy in Finland, the Jumppa Pomppa is a warm and versatile technical fleece sweater for year-round use. The Jumppa Pomppa can be used either as a warming layer by itself or as extra insulation under another Pomppa jacket. The upper part is made of an anti-static and highly elastic fleece (which makes it easy to put on and take off; watch our video) and the underside is made from water-repellent thermal tricot, which protects both the abdomen and the chest. 

Because it is form-fitting, non-restrictive, and has no straps or attachments, the Jumppa Pomppa conforms to your dog's movement and stays on (even at full speed) while protecting the dog's back, neck, abdomen, and rear end efficiently. The features means the Jumppa Pomppa is widely used in dog sports and training, as it's crucial to keep the dog's muscles warm during and in between performances.

This jacket is also suitable for warming up your dog’s muscles after a swim, dock diving adventure, or hydrotherapy session. The moisture-wicking materials help your dog’s fur to dry more quickly. 


  • Form-fitting design stays in place even when running at full speed
  • Full protection without restriction of movement
  • No zips, straps, or buckles
  • Anti-static material doesn't tangle fur
  • Machine washable

For a comparison of the different types of Pomppa coats and what they are designed for, please read "Choosing the Right Coat."

What size coat does your dog need? Click on the Sizing tab for instructions on how to measure your dog and choose the appropriate size.

How to Measure Your Dog

Pomppa sizes correspond directly to the dog's back length. However, depending on the dog's proportions, the thickness of the dog's fur, or the intended use of the product (an active lifestyle as opposed to wearing the coat around the house), the correct size may be a size larger or smaller than what the back length indicates. If you are uncertain of sizing, please call or email us for assistance.

Note: The sizing for the Jumppa Pomppa is different than it is for any of the other Pomppa coats. So if you have another Pomppa coat, do not base your sizing choice here on that coat. 

1. Back Length - Be sure that your dog is standing squarely, with head up, and is looking straight ahead. Following the contour of the dog's back closely, measure from the dog's neck at the point where it joins his shoulders to the base of his tail (the point where the tail joins the body).

2. Neck - The circumference of the neck is measured from the same point as the beginning of the back measurement. 

3. Chest - The circumference of the chest is measured at the widest point of the dog’s chest.

4. Waist - The circumference of the waist is measured behind the chest from the narrowest part of the dog's abdomen.

Size Back Length Neck Chest Waist
25 cm 9" to 10.23"
(23-26 cm)
6.69" to 9.84"
(17-25 cm)
9.84" to 13.77"
(25-35 cm)
9" to 12.20"
(23-31 cm)
28 cm 10.62" to 11.41"
(27-29 cm)
8.66" to 12.20"
(22-31 cm)
11" to 15.74"
(28-40 cm)
10.23" to 13.38"
(26-34 cm)
31 cm 11.81" to 12.59"
(30-32 cm)
8.66" to 12.20"
(22-31 cm)
12.20" to 17.32"
(31-44 cm)
11.41" to 14.96"
(29-38 cm)
34 cm 13" to 13.77"
(33-35 cm)
9.44" to 13.38"
(24-34 cm)
13.77" to 19.29"
(35-49 cm)
12.20" to 16.14"
(31-41 cm)
37 cm 14.17" to 14.96"
(36-38 cm)
10.23" to 14.56"
(26-37 cm)
14.96" to 21.25"
(38-54 cm)
13.38" to 17.71"
(34-45 cm)
40 cm 15.35" to 16.14"
(39-41 cm)
11" to 15.75"
(28-40 cm)
15.75" to 22.44"
(40-57 cm)
14.56" to 18.89"
(37-48 cm)
44 cm 16.53" to 17.71"
(42-45 cm)
11.81" to 16.92"
(30-43 cm)
16.92" to 24"
(43-61 cm)
15.35" to 20.07"
(39-51 cm)
48 cm 18.11" to 19.29"
(46-49 cm)
12.59" to 18.11"
(32-46 cm)
18.811 to 25.59"
(46-65 cm)
16.14" to 21.25"
(41-54 cm)
52 cm 19.68" to 20.86"
(50-53 cm)
13.38" to 18.89
(34-48 cm)
18.89" to 26.77"
(48-68 cm)
17.32" to 22.44"
(44-57 cm)
56 cm 21.25" to 22.44"
(54-57 cm)
14.17" to 20.07
(36-51 cm)
20.07" to 28.34"
(51-72 cm)
18.11" to 23.62"
(46-60 cm)
60 cm 22.83" to 24"
(58-61 cm)
14.96" to 21.25"
(38-54 cm)
20.86" to 29.52"
(53-75 cm)
18.89" to 24.80"
(48-63 cm)
65 cm 24.40" to 25.98"
(62-66 cm)
15.74" to 22.44"
(40-57 cm)
22.04" to 31.49"
(56-80 cm)
20.07" to 26.37"
(51-67 cm)


  • Upper part: 100% polyester
  • Lower part: 88% polyester, 12% elastane


  • Machine wash 86°F
  • Do not use fabric softener
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not iron
  • Do not bleach
  • Wash with similar colors
Average Rating
5/5 with 2 reviews

Love it!!
Great fit, great coverage. Our dog is long and lean so we struggle to find sweaters that fit properly. This covers all the way to his tail and it's good and snug! He was a bit in between sizes according to the chart. I decided to go with the larger size and I'm glad I did! It looks like it could have been custom made for him. We were also sent a free Christmas toy with our purchase and I can't thank you enough! What an awesome surprise. It's those small gestures that turn first time customers like myself into lifelong supporters. Thank you and Merry Christmas!!
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amazing fit and freedom of movement!
By far the best sweater-weight coat I have ever found. Follow the measuring instructions carefully - and note that sizing is different from some other Pomppa coats - but this fits my son's Chihuahua x Dachshund cross PERFECTLY, and I will be ordering one for my own larger dog as well. You do have to work a bit with the dog to get the legs thru the leg holes to put on and off (so might not be ideal for dog with arthritic front end), but it offers WONDERFUL freedom of movement for walks, agility, nosework, etc. Very highly recommend!!
Comment from Clean Run Make sure to take a look at our video on tips for taking it on and off more easily!
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