Kong Classic Dog Toys

Kong Classic Dog Toys

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Made from Kong's exclusive and safe natural rubber formula, the Classic Kong has been enjoyed by millions of dogs around the world for many years. Great for stuffing with treats or with Kong Stuff'N Paste. Safe to clean in the dishwasher. The Classic Kong is just that... a classic!

Made in the USA.

The Kong Classic is available in 4 sizes. For power chewers, we suggest ordering one or even two sizes larger than the size recommended for your dog's weight.

Size Height Diameter Weight Recommendation
Small 3" 1.75" For dogs from 1-20 lbs.
Medium 3.5" 2.25" For dogs from 15-35 lbs.
Large 4" 2.75" For dogs from 30-65 lbs.
XL 5" 3.5" For dogs from 60-90 lbs.


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