Kong Wubba Wubbas

Kong Wubba Wubbas

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Tom Kelly's dog Amber loves to play fetch. But New England winters put a strain on their game because Amber's toys kept getting lost in the snow. So, Tom began a quest for the ultimate interactive toy—something that would be easily seen and heard under almost any conditions. 

The top covering and the floppy legs are made from ballistic nylon. Its unique patented shape and design makes the Wubba Wubba easy to see as it flies through the air and to spot in just about any terrain. The long "legs" or tendrils give you a grip for playing tug, make it easy for the dog to pick up the Wubba, and allow you to spin the toy around in the air to make a long-distance sling-shot throw. Plus, the dogs love to make the legs flap by shaking their Wubbas back and forth. The ball inside the body of the toy makes the toy easy for your dog to pick up.

Assorted colors. You choose the size; please allow us to choose the color for you.

Size Balls Used for Head & Body Overall Length
Small Head - 1.75" squeaky ball
Body - 2" squeaky ball
Large Head - 2" firm ball
Body - 3" squeaky ball

"There is something about the unique Wubba shape that appeals to dogs."  —Just Labs Magazine

"My dog will not go anywhere in our home tonight without that Wubba Wubba in her mouth. She's having a blast."  —Jeff

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