Magnetize Your Dog to a Platform for Obedience or Rally Training

Magnetize Your Dog to a Platform for Obedience or Rally Training

Instructor: Rachel Flatley
Course Type: On-Demand Lesson

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Do you want to get started in rally obedience or competition obedience?

This self-study lesson by Rachel Flatley guides you and your dog through the first step into the world of platform training. Platform training has been used for decades to teach stays and for stationing our dogs, but did you know you can use this fun method to teach your dog how to accurately perform key positions for rally and obedience? You can, and they love the work! The journey begins here with the first step, magnetization.

After completing this lesson, your team will be ready to jump with both feet and all four paws into rally and obedience training or into Rachel's new class, Rally Novice Title – Guaranteed!, which will open for registration in spring 2024. (This lesson is a prerequisite for Rachel's course.)

You can start this self-study lesson whenever you like. There are no fixed deadlines or due dates.

What is included with your purchase?

  • Access to all course materials on both mobile devices and your computer
  • Downloadable content for off-line access when you're out training
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Equipment and space needed

  • An object the dog can comfortably stand on and which makes them aware they have stepped onto something. Some examples: a Cato Board, a crate pan, a couch cushion, or a platform (additional information on selecting an object is included in the classroom)
  • Treats
  • A minimum training area of 5' x 8'

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'When I first met Rachel 11 years ago, I was just beginning to be involved with dog sports. Since then, I have been able to accomplish goals that I had never considered to even strive for. What impresses me most about Rachel is how she can accomplish training goals with dogs without them knowing they are being 'trained.' They would title their sessions "How we have FUN with Rachel." For anyone who has watched Rachel compete in agility or obedience, you have seen dogs who think they are there to have fun. She instills in her own dogs and passes on to students that running agility, retrieving a dumbbell, or choosing that correct scent article isn’t a chore but rather a fun game that will lead to MORE fun games. Without following just one style of teaching, she takes what works best for particular dogs and clients and incorporates that into a plan for success. There are MANY of us out there that can proudly wear the T-shirt 'We Did It With Rachel!'"  —L.B.

"I have a non-traditional breed for obedience. Piper is my third competition English Springer Spaniel. With my past two, I have done Rachel's seminars and it helped with their confidence, but they didn't have Rachel's foundation. When I got this puppy, I wanted an OTCH dog and Rachel is giving me the skills to get it. Piper is from the same breeding lines as my other dogs, so I know the difference is Rachel. We started with group puppy classes, advanced to a competition class, and now we're fine-tuning our skills in private lessons. The best part of training with Rachel is she listens to your challenges and finds you a solution that will work for you and your dog. She has never said, 'You picked a challenging breed for obedience.' When people say, 'I love Rachel, but she's just too far,' I tell them my friend and I drive 2.5 hours each way. People don't think about the fact that it's an investment in your dog show career. I see people struggle with problems and think, 'Rachel can fix that.' You still have to put the time in, but she'll give you the tools you need."  —S.G.

"Rachel is an extraordinary dog trainer and instructor for multiple reasons. Rachel's individual accomplishments speak loud and clear on their own as to her prowess as a trainer. I think, however, it is the overview and summation of those individual accomplishments that highlight what an extraordinary dog trainer she is. Nationally there are few trainers with multiple dogs each of which individually has reached the top levels of multiple performance sports including obedience, agility, and rally. Rachel's intelligent mind, quick wit, insight, and passion for the sport combine to make her an excellent teacher. Join those characteristics with a commitment to game-based, positive training methods and you find an instructor who can pull you out of any tricky training corner with fun and humor to boot. And finally demonstrating one of the characteristics of a truly great teacher, Rachel is and will always remain herself an avid student of dog training which will continue to benefit her students with new possibilities, insights into current trends, and exposure to other top trainers in the country. It has always been a privilege to learn from her."  —J.B.

"In one sentence: if it weren't for Rachel, my German Shorthaired Pointer's obedience career would have ended two years ago. Period! There were occasions when her solutions seemed unorthodox, but they worked. Thank you, Rachel."  —L.G.