One Jump Two Jump

One Jump Two Jump

Instructor: Sandy Rogers
Course Type: Streaming DVD

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Subtitle: Perfecting the Skills You Need Is as Easy as One Jump Two Jump!
Author: Sandy Rogers
Running Time: 3 hours, 39 minutes
Bonus Materials: 63-page training booklet in PDF format
Release Date: Fall 2009

Each chapter of the original One Jump Two Jump DVD has been made into a "lesson" in one of our Learning Center classrooms, and each subchapter has been made into an activity for the appropriate lesson. This gives you a quick and easy way to find material that you want to go back and re-watch. 

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Need help with your training, but tired of too much technical detail? Help is here! An easy-to-use system for learning handling and teaching dog skills that's presented in plain English, and that uses only 2 jumps!

The object of the game of agility is pretty simple. To succeed, you need a dog that knows where he's going next, knows when to turn, and knows when to accelerate to the next obstacle. And you need to have a plan that keeps you out of his way. So you need to be in sync with your dog and have a clear method of communication.

The drills in this DVD are designed to help all levels of dogs and handlers perfect the skills they need to be in sync with each other, and are intended to be used throughout a team's agility career. 

As the dogs master these drills, you'll find them more easily putting together sequences in course work. And you'll find that you're able to identify the drills in parts of courses, which improves your ability to handle those sequences so that feeling of being in sync with your dog starts to happen a lot more often.

The really exciting thing is that the One Jump, Two Jump program can be accomplished using just two jumps—this makes the program very doable for people with limited equipment and training space.

  • For more advanced handlers, the drills provide a thorough review of the fundamental handling and dog skills needed to succeed in agility at any level. They also allow you to identify missing links in your training and eliminate them. You can then use the drills for regular maintenance work to keep your team's skills sharp. 
  • For less experienced handlers or for handlers who feel out of sync with their dogs (perhaps your dog is spinning, barking, turning very wide, or not running as fast as he could), the drills teach you and your dog a communication system that will enable your team to negotiate courses in any venue. This is a flexible communication system that allows room for you to make the best choices for your particular team.

Click on the "Outline" document icon above to see all the skills covered in this DVD.

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"Sandy—The information on the DVD is priceless. It will be invaluable to me not just in teaching but in training my own dog as well. There are training methods on the DVD that I have never done with her, and I know it will help so much to go back and train those. As far as using it as a teaching reference, I am forever indebted to you for your generosity in sharing this with all of us. What an invaluable reference this will be. It fills in so many blanks. Again, some of it I already know and utilize, some of it was a wonderful refresher, but lots of it was like a light-bulb going on... Another thing I really liked about the DVD is that you used a variety of dogs. I think that is so cool! And you showed mistakes! Just like you mentioned in the DVD, that is when learning takes place and if one only sees it being done perfectly it leaves so many 'holes'."  —Mary

"I second the review for One Jump Two Jump by Sandy Rogers. I was at the Clean Run Instructors Conference when she presented "All Roads Lead Back to JAC" from the DVD. I use this in my classes now. The DVD is wonderful. It covers a broad range of information and does it in a clear concise way."  —Terry

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