Patterns and Number Drills E-Book

Patterns and Number Drills E-Book


Author: Nancy Gyes
Length: 78 pages
Release Date: 2022

Nancy Gyes wrote a series of articles for Clean Run magazine titled "Alphabet Drills." These drills were compiled into a book and published ten years ago. She followed up that series of training articles and drills with a series of training exercises based on patterns and numbers. We have now compiled those fun drills into an E-book so that you can continue where you left off with the Alphabet Drills book.

Every drill in this book has been adjusted slightly or revamped from the original articles. Nancy has also added new exercises and included up-to-date handling suggestions for the exercises. Blinds, wraps, and threadles now balance out the hints for front and rear cross placement in the exercises.

These are excellent drills for working on skills both in class and at home.

BONUS: The PDF file includes over 300 Course Designer .AGL files. If you own Course Designer, you can open and save the .AGL attachments on your computer.

E-Book Format: This E-Book in only available as a PDF file. A PDF file can be read with Adobe Reader on your computer or laptop, and can also be transferred to various reading devices from your computer. 

Please note that you must have an account in the Clean Run store to purchase and access the download. If you do not have an account, you will be prompted to create one when you check out. Once you have completed checkout, you can get your E-Book by going to your account download page, For instructions on how to download the file to your personal computer and then transfer it to your reading device, please go to How Do I Load My E-Book to My Reading Device?

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