RedLine K-9 Leather Puppy Bite Rag

RedLine K-9 Leather Puppy Bite Rag


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This dog toy is made out of soft leather shammy material and is excellent for teaching young dogs to bite and tug with confidence because the material is very easy on their developing mouth and teeth. Many people use towels for this purpose, but towels rip up and don't last. The RedLine K-9 Leather Puppy Bite Rag solves that problem and still offers a material that feels good in puppy mouths and on which they can get a really good grip without tearing the material.

The shammy portion of the RedLine K-9 Leather Puppy Bite Rag is 25" long and the handle is 8" long so you can drag the the toy along behind you to entice your pup.

Made in the U.S.A.

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Perfect length and soft
This is one of my pup's favorite tug. It's a nice length, the handle is soft for your hand, and the leather is soft but very durable for the pup.
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