Sheepskin Boa Chaser

Sheepskin Boa Chaser

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The Sheepskin Boa Chaser is made of soft, fluffy, and thick high-pile USA sheepskin braided together with 1" wide soft-touch nylon webbing for strength. We use high-quality USA single-pelt sheepskin rugs to make these toys.

The scent and feel of the real fur is so exciting that even our more difficult to motivate dogs are nuts over this toy. Drag it on the ground so it moves like real prey trying to get away and your dog will be hooked!

The tug is 29" long from the end of the handle to the tip of the toy. 

This toy is manufacturered in the Dominican Republic for Clean Run using only materials sourced and maded in the USA.

Assorted nylon colors; please allow us to choose the color for you.

Note: This toy is not intended for tough tuggers, but rather young dogs, small dogs, and dogs that need to be encouraged to chase and tug.

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Sheds a bit but lots of fun
My puppy took a while to get into tug play and having real fur options definitely got her attention. She now goes wild for tug play and this is one of her favorites. I love the length and fullness of this tug. I would have preferred a bungee handle. The fur does come out a bit during play and I have to pull chunks of it out of my dogs mouth after we are done playing. It’s worth it because she is so into the tug and we have a good time.
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