Stick-in-the-Ground Weave Poles

Stick-in-the-Ground Weave Poles


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The only way for your dog to become proficient at weaving is practice! Train weaving at home with these high-quality, easy-to-use stick-in-the-ground weave poles! The poles are made from UV-protected yellow plastic pipe. They are 1" in diameter and 36" long, and there's a 5/16" diameter x 5" long steel spike at the end of each pole.

Besides doing basic weave-pole training with them, stick-in-the-ground poles are particularly useful for getting your dog used to poles spaced at different increments. You can also stagger the poles to create a training chute or set them into the ground at an angle, Weave-A-Matic style. Having trouble with a dog exiting early? Stick-in-the-ground poles make it easy to practice with more than 12 poles. Even if you have 12 competition poles at home for practice, you can add 6 stick-in-the-ground poles at the end of them to give yourself 18 poles. These can also be used as marker poles for a variety of purposes.

If you don't want to measure when setting up your stick-in-the-ground poles, you can purchase a measuring strip separately.

Packaging: Stick-in-the-ground weave poles are purchased individually for the price shown.

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Great training poles
These are bright and lightweight, but with sturdy stakes. They work very well in my irrigated grassy yard. Great training poles!
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You get what you pay for?
These are super super cheap and lightweight. The stakes are short and being smooth surfaced, they don't have much grip in the ground so the poles aren't terribly stable. I used them a handful of times but they just weren't worth it. My 30lb dog would cause them to go askew after a couple reps and they'd be tipping over. I wasn't expecting great quality for the cost but usable would have been nice.
Comment from Clean Run We're sorry that you had a problem with the weave poles. The biggest factor with stick in the ground poles and well they work (or don't) is the type of ground you have. It's really different in different parts of the country. And that's the biggest factor in how they work. We've experimented with long spikes and shorter ones, and have actually had more success with the shorter spikes. But if a product you buy from us isn't working as it should be, please contact customer service. You can return them.
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