Stick-in-the-Ground Weave Poles - Set of 12

Stick-in-the-Ground Weave Poles - Set of 12


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The only way for your dog to become proficient at weaving is practice! Train weaving at home with these high-quality, easy-to-use stick-in-the-ground weave poles! The poles are made from UV-protected yellow plastic pipe. They are 1" in diameter and 36" long, and there's a 5/16" diameter x 5" long steel spike at the end of each pole.

Besides doing basic weave-pole training with them, stick-in-the-ground poles are particularly useful for getting your dog used to poles spaced at different increments. You can also stagger the poles to create a training chute or set them into the ground at an angle, Weave-A-Matic style. Having trouble with a dog exiting early? Stick-in-the-ground poles make it easy to practice with more than 12 poles. Even if you have 12 competition poles at home for practice, you can add 6 stick-in-the-ground poles at the end of them to give yourself 18 poles. These can also be used as marker poles for a variety of purposes.

If you don't want to measure when setting up your stick-in-the-ground poles, you can purchase a measuring strip separately.

Packaging: Stick-in-the-ground weave poles are sold in a set of 12.

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very helpful in training my dogs with weaves/ cost efficient
When I signed up for an online weave course, I needed to have Channel weaves and I needed to receive the poles asap. With the help of the measuring tape, weave guides and these poles, I am able to set up and weave pole set up to almost exactly as the teacher recommends. I am very happy with the product. Portable, cost efficient, received the poles in less than a week, versatility. Pretty much everything you could ask for.
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