Success From the Inside E-Book

Success From the Inside E-Book


Subtitle: The Path to Winning Performance
Author: Kathy Keats
Length: 88 pages
Release Date: 2012

Kathy's personal experience and her study of peak performance has afforded her insights to success that few people can imitate. In Success from the Inside you will learn specific techniques, thought processes, and strategies to achieve your own peak performance, both in agility and your other endeavors. You will discover what is holding you back, improve the effectiveness of your training, increase your confidence, decrease the effect of pressure, and learn the perfect mindset to perform when it counts! No matter how you define success, Success from the Inside is designed to help you achieve those goals.

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Success from the Inside contains the following chapters:

  • My Journey
  • Success
  • Chapter 1: The Competitive Life Cycle
  • Chapter 2: Self Image
  • Chapter 3: Your Motivations
  • Chapter 4: Choosing Your Reaction
  • Chapter 5: The Power of Thought
  • Chapter 6: Modeling
  • Chapter 7: Choosing Your State
  • Chapter 8: Desire
  • Chapter 9: Action
  • Chapter 10: Sabotaging Yourself
  • Chapter 11: Joy and Process
  • Chapter 12: Give Yourself Permission
  • Chapter 13: Belief
  • Chapter 14: Goal Setting
  • Chapter 15: Have a Plan of Action!
  • Chapter 16: Excellence
  • Chapter 17: Hard Work = Confidence
  • Chapter 18: Talent
  • Chapter 19: Persistence
  • Chapter 20: Focus
  • Chapter 21: Distractions
  • Chapter 22: Dealing with Pressure
  • Chapter 23: Learning from Failure
  • Chapter 24: Letting Go
  • Chapter 25: Giving Back
  • Appendix: Centering

“No matter what philosophy of dog training you use, or which handling system you follow, Success from the Inside will improve your performance where it counts. Both practical and inspiring, the book is elegant in its capacity to translate the great ideas of sports psychology into a language that everyone can use and understand. There isn’t an agility competitor in the world that wouldn’t benefit from the concepts and strategies presented in this volume. This book stands out among my collection as a reference that I go back to constantly for inspiration and guidance.” —Gay Harley

“Having been personally mentored by Kathy and read her book, Success From the Inside, I would highly recommend her and the book for any one that is looking for that edge to be more successful at agility. Kathy has put into print what she has been teaching for years, how to set your goals and focus on the process of achieving them. Success from The Inside is a book I always refer back to before the big events.” —Lynda Caughlin & Coolhand Luc, 2011 AAC National Champions 22" Regular Division

“Do you want to take control? The mental game is HUGE... and Kathy knows what it takes to teach, build, and maintain the mental toughness needed to be at the top of your game... and it works! FABULOUS read.” —Jan Alexander

“No matter who you are, or what aspirations you have, Kathy has the coaching expertise to determine what is holding you back. She provides tools and insights that help you move forward, mapping out a plan towards achieving your goals and dreams. Kathy always inspires and empowers; she really makes you believe and has a beautiful talent for bringing out the best in people!” —Jennifer McCaffery

“A professional coach with an exceptional eye, Kathy Keats is very knowledgeable about agility and performing at your peak. You can have the dog, the handling skills, but without effective mental prep and visualization, you are missing huge components for success. Kathy is the total package!” —Carolyn Dockrill, top obedience trainer, Agility Association of Canada Judge

“This weekend was fabulous! Kathy exceeded my expectations! I have been to a number of seminars on personal development, including one by Lanny Bassham, and this one was by far the best! It related very well to agility but I could envision applying it to any sport.” —Annelise Allan, Agile Canines

“Thank you for the words of encouragement and the positive comments you have given to me over the years at your seminars. I had the best showing yet, and I thank you for helping me become the handler that went out prepared for every run and genuinely kicked butt. I finished the weekend with a Jumpers course where I put everything on the line, as one last push to take it all. It was probably the best course we have ever run as a team, we finished first in that run. Every corner was crisp, as if we had walked the course together. I gotta tell you, the adrenaline didn’t wear off for quite a while. And, to be called on stage with two dogs was almost as good as it gets. To stand on the podium for the first time made me feel more proud of the extra work we have done this year. I never really put much into the mental part of this game. Not only have you given me the skills to go out and run a course, but now I am "owning" the course before I even walk it.” —Darcy Bennett, AAC Regional Champion 2011, AAC National Silver Medalist

“Kathy is a unique motivational speaker. Her life experiences are not only educational, but inspirational. She is able to relate to her students, captivating them with positive and attainable goals. This not only mentally prepares them for agility but for many aspects of life. Kathy explains how to have a plan and that preparation is key, and that with a clear outcome in your mind and a detailed plan you can achieve your goals.” —Linda Jorgensen

“I’ve attended many seminars on this subject over the years, but yours was far superior to any of the others. I was impressed, not only by your detailed presentation, but also how you handled some sensitive issues and emotional questions that were raised. The information was life changing for me in many ways, and while I didn’t know many of the people that had working spots, it seemed like it was life changing for them as well. You made everyone there feel their full potential was within reach. You are truly a coach in every sense of the word. Thank you for doing what you are doing.” —Nancy Gagliardi Little, Endzone Dog Sports, Inc.

“A practical, common sense approach to analyzing and dealing with mental stressors. The exercises were interesting and revealing. I found it fascinating...” —Leona Michael

“No matter who you are, or what aspirations you have, Kathy has the coaching expertise to determine what is holding you back. She provides tools and insights that help you move forward, mapping out a plan towards achieving your goals and dreams. Kathy always inspires and empowers, she really makes you believe, and has a beautiful talent for bringing out the best in people!” —Jennifer McCaffery

“Mental skills can only be learned by practice and through example. Kathy’s “Success from the Inside” seminar was enlightening, motivational, and inspirational. It went so much deeper than anticipated and she has pushed me to become a stronger athlete.” —Anji Atkinson

“I am immensely impressed with Kathy’s quick insight into the strengths and shortcomings of a wide range of teams. She then used humor and warmth to establish a strong working environment in which each person found success and increased their confidence in their abilities. One of the most rewarding aspects of the weekend, was witnessing the personal growth of the attendees and seeing how much a person who was quite nervous Saturday morning blossomed and ran such a beautiful course Sunday afternoon. Thanks Kathy! I think we are all looking forward to your next visit, so “bring it on!” —Patty Fulton

“As one of Kathy’s students she has taught me much more than the mechanics of handling my dogs. It is her emphasis on the mental game and mental preparation, what happens well before we go to the line, that has been most helpful in improving our agility teamwork. From pre-competition strategies, through walking the course to running an actual event her coaching has increased my confidence and positive attitude. It has helped me get out of my dog’s way. It has freed us (Nelly and me) to experience that pure joy of running in the zone without tripping over “the furniture in the room” and allowed me to begin to really tap into my dog’s potential.” —Sandie Ellicott

“Kathy Keats’ seminar was one of the best I have ever attended. It helped me to conquer fears I have had for many years. I am so thankful I was able to attend.” —Pam Landers, Sylvan Samoyeds

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