Teaching a Verbal Release for Start Lines & 2-on/2-off Contacts

Teaching a Verbal Release for Start Lines & 2-on/2-off Contacts

Instructor: Anne Stocum
Course Type: Self-Study Course

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Agility competitors often struggle to teach a reliable stay at the start line or a "wait until released" at the end of a 2-on/2-off contact. Many dogs break at the start line or on a stopped contact because the dog doesn't understand your release cue. When should he leave? Is it when you look at him? When you start to move after stopping? When you start to raise your arm? Anne Stocum will help your dog to stop guessing so that he can be successful!

This course will show you how to teach and proof a verbal release cue that has no gray areas. The lessons cover choosing a release word, when and how to teach your dog the release word, the benefits of having multiple release cues, and how to proof the release word with handler/dog motion and arousal.

You can start the Anne Stocum self-study course whenever you like. It includes 3 lessons (with multiple training activities in each) that you can complete at your own pace. There are no fixed deadlines or due dates.

What is included with your registration?

  • Access to all course materials on both mobile devices and your computer
  • Downloadable content for off-line access when you're out training
  • Keep what you buy—No expiring content


The class is appropriate for dogs of all ages, including puppies, but the dog should already understand how to sit or down on a verbal cue.

Equipment and space needed

  • No equipment is needed for the training, but you may want to proof the concepts using a jump or two, tunnel, or a target board.
  • Minimal space is needed. The work can be done in your living room.

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