Training Solutions for Weave Pole Problems & Proofing Exercises DVD

Training Solutions for Weave Pole Problems & Proofing Exercises DVD

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Author: Rachel Sanders
Format: DVD, 1 discs, NTSC format
Running Time: 1 hour, 11 minutes
Release Date: August 2012

There are a variety of methods that can be used to train weave poles, and all of them can be successful. But regardless of which method you use to train your dog to weave, you can improve your dog’s understanding of the weave poles and achieve a more accurate and consistent performance by proofing the weave poles. The proofing exercises included on this DVD will cement your dog’s understanding of the obstacle and teach him to perform the poles independently even as you move to get to your next handling position.

In addition, specific exercises can be used to help put an end to many common weave pole problems:

  • Dogs that don’t collect to enter the poles
  • Dogs that struggle with difficult entries
  • Dogs that pop out of the poles
  • Dogs that skip poles
  • Dogs that don’t like to touch the poles
  • Dogs that have trouble with different types of poles & bases
  • Dogs that won’t stay in the poles when you are ahead of them
  • Dogs that can’t stay in the poles if you increase lateral distance or motion

Finally, the DVD provides maintenance weave pole work that is appropriate for all dogs throughout their competition career.

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About the Author
Rachel Sanders lives in Atascadero, California where she operates Fast Forward Dog Sports. For the past 25 years, Rachel has been involved in a variety of dog training activities, including competitive obedience, hearing-dog training, and agility training. Since 1994, her focus has been solely on agility. Rachel lives with five Border Collies (Spinner, Whist, Fable, Stuie, and Gifted) and two JRTs (Trump and Better). She currently competes with Fable, Stuie, and Better. She has earned ADCH titles on four dogs (Spinner, Whist, Trump, and Fable) and MACH titles on three dogs (Whist MACH3, Trump MACH2, and Fable). Rachel and her dogs are familiar faces in the finals of both AKC and USDAA national championships, and she has won the top spot on the podium four times. In addition, Rachel and Fable represented the U.S. in international competition (IFCS World Championships). Rachel is a regular seminar presenter and a favorite instructor at agility camps throughout the United States.


General Guidelines

  • Placement of Reinforcement
  • Style and Footwork
  • Encouraging Speed

Does Your Dog Understand His Weave Cue?

Dogs That Don’t Like to Touch the Poles

Dogs That Have Trouble with Different Types of Poles & Bases

Dogs That Skip Poles

Dogs That Pop Out of the Poles

Dogs That Won’t Stay in the Poles When You Are Ahead of Them

Dogs That Have Difficulty With Rear Crosses at the Poles

Dogs That Can’t Stay in the Poles If You Increase Lateral Distance or Motion

Dogs That Exit Early When You’re Layering Obstacles

Dogs That Struggle with Difficult Entries

Teaching the Dog to Ignore Handler Motion

Dogs That Don’t Collect to Enter the Poles

Maintenance Work

But He’s Perfect at Home!


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