Treat & Train Bag - Blue & Yellow

Treat & Train Bag - Blue & Yellow


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Protect your Treat & Train and make it easy to take with you wherever you train, whether it's the backyard, the park, or a training center.

Made of three layers—waterproof fabric, then 5mm foam, and then another layer of waterproof fabric—the Cool Dog Treat & Train Bag is designed to protect your Treat & Train device from dirt and moisture so that you can use it without even taking the machine out of the bag.

There's a zippered pocket in the back for storing your remote and extra batteries.

Made in Poland.

Note: These bags are designed to fit the MannersMinder and Treat & Train units made by Premier Pet Products. The bags do not fit the old Treat & Train product sold under the Sharper Image brand a number of years ago.

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Fits Treat & Train well, rear pocket holds remote but it isotherwise tight.
I like this bag. It fits the treat & train well and you can even use the Treat & Train without taking it out of the bag, which is very convenient. The rear pocket holds the remote. I had hoped that the rear pocket would hold spare batteries, just in case, and it can hold extra batteries for the remote, but it's too tight to hold extra 4 D batteries needed for the main Treat & Train itself. Oh well. You don't have to change the batteries very often. I do like the bag and would buy it again anyway.
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