Voila Adventure Clip

Voila Adventure Clip


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Made from tough, weather-resistant polymer, this slide-in clip is easy to attach to your Ultimate Treat Pouch and remove so that you can still use the belt.

The Adventure Clip adds versatility to your treat pouch because it gives you the option to attach your pouch to any clippable surface; for example, clip the pouch onto your pants pocket or attach it to another bag or a backpack.

The Adventure Clip is compatible with both the Standard and Large version of the Ultimate Treat Pouch. Watch the video to see how to install and use the Adventure Clip with your Ultimate Treat pouch.

Another convenient option made possible with the Adventure Clip is to add another treat pouch to your belt so that you have two pouches on one belt! The pouches may carry treats of different value to your dog, such as kibble in one and tasty raw treats in the other. Alternatively, one pouch may be loaded with food, and the other may hold your dog's favorite toy such as a ball on a string. Due to the design of the belt, carrying more than one Voilà pouch at at time is an accessible option.

Note: Ultimate Treat Pouch sold separately. 

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