BUNDLE DEAL: Trainer's Select Agility Tunnel with Tunnel Bags - 14-foot

BUNDLE DEAL: Trainer's Select Agility Tunnel with Tunnel Bags - 14-foot

We're sorry for the inconvenience, but this product is not currently available. The manufacturer has not yet been able to give us an estimated timeframe for when it will be back in stock.

With this special bundle, you get:

  • A 6"-pitch agility tunnel that is 24" in diameter and 14 feet long


Trainer's Select Agility Tunnels are made in the USA from UV-stabilized 14oz/ft PVC-coated vinyl that is flexible, durable, and provides good traction. This 6"-pitch agility tunnel is 24" in diameter and 14 feet long. The supporting 3.76mm (0.148") steel wires are heat-welded in place and enclosed with a heat-bonded PVC protective wear strip. There is a heavy-duty, 1/2" thick hoop enclosed in PVC at each tunnel opening to provide additional structural integrity.

We have added these 6"-pitch tunnels as an option because they are lighter to move than the 4"-pitch tunnels and offer cost savings for training at home. Likewise, going to 14 feet rather than 15 decreases cost while still providing a tunnel that is plenty long enough for training.

Specifications Inches
Pitch (spacing between wires) 6 in.
Diameter of openings 24 in.
Wire thickness 3.76mm wires with a
1/2 in. diameter hoop at each end
Material weight 14oz/ft
Length 14 ft.
Weight 31 lbs.

We offer a one-year limited warranty on dog tunnels by RiteChoice Tunnels against defects in materials and workmanship. When you receive your tunnel, please inspect it carefully to make certain the tunnel is in satisfactory condition. If any problem needs to be addressed, we ask that you email our customer service team immediately and attach photos along with a description of the problem. 

The warranty does NOT cover improper storage or care of the tunnel:

  • Tunnels should be stored away from extreme temperature conditions; temperatures over 120 degrees or below zero should be avoided. 
  • Tunnels should be carried when moved, not dragged. 
  • Also, as with all agility equipment, it is best to avoid exposure to the sun when not in use. Prolonged exposure to the sun will shorten the lifespan of your tunnel.
  • If you are using metal tunnel holders, make sure there are no sharp edges that might damage the black PVC scuff strip extrusions that cover the wires.

The tunnels are intended to be used for dog agility and enrichment purposes only and the warranty does not cover products not used for the intended purpose.