Feet First: The Mechanics of Line Setting

Feet First: The Mechanics of Line Setting

Instructor: Sandy Rogers
Course Type: Self-Study Course

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First Day of Course: Whenever you choose!

Course Length: 5 lessons that you can complete at your own pace. There are no fixed deadlines or due dates.

The Feet First course is for students committed to learning the practical handling techniques required to excel on US-style courses. If you are new to agility, the course offers an opportunity to start off on the right foot literally. If you are a seasoned veteran who still feels awkward with timing and handling and wants to clean up your handling act once and for all, this class is for you.

Handlers that are fluent and consistent with their handling begin by achieving strong comprehension of how to set lines to the next obstacle(s) on course and execute turn cues; in other words, they can steer the dog very well. When you have reliable send-away cues, front cross cues, and pull turn cues, and then master combining those cues, executing one after the other easily, you are a smooth handler. 

So why does smooth handling elude so many handlers? The answer is found in the footwork. Footwork matters that much because every step you take when you handle your dog in agility provides him with the information on where to go next.

Students who embrace learning consistent footwork for cueing turns and setting lines will quickly experience improvement in their agility runs. Their dogs will begin to trust that they will receive reliable directions from their handlers. This has an enormous positive impact on both the dog and the handler's performance.

The demonstration videos used in this class are from a seminar Sandy taught at the Clean Run training facility. You will receive nearly 4 hours of video footage that focuses on Sandy teaching 15+ handlers of different abilities handling a wide variety of dogs. Seeing a variety of handlers face common difficulties will enable you to more easily translate the video learning into real-life practice with your dog. You will also see detailed analysis of Sandy handling in training and competition. 

You can start this self-study course whenever you like. It includes 5 lessons that you can complete at your own pace. There are no fixed deadlines or due dates.

Bonus Lesson: A 1-hour bonus presentation that details the program. You will see slow-motion video that clearly demonstrates how consistent footwork is positively impacting the dogs. You will learn how 5 key elements of successful handling are essential to creating "clean" cueing and great timing. Anyone wanting to improve their video analysis skills will enjoy watching Sandy coach the handlers during a group effort at video critiquing.

Lesson 1: The "wake up your feet" drills will teach your brain how to talk to your feet. These traditional footwork drills were designed for a variety of sports, they work for the pros and they will work for you too.

Lesson 2: Once your brain and feet are communicating, you will begin to master the footwork drills needed to improve your agility handling performance. You will learn the drills for consistently cueing send-aways, front crosses, lateral motion, and threadles.

Lesson 3: This lesson focuses figure-eight footwork drills, the cornerstone drills that produce tight turns and great timing.

Lesson 4: The "turn cue combinations" taught in this lesson 4 are the gold of the program. Moving fluently from one turn cue into another will up any handler's game. Handlers who master turn cue combinations no longer have to think about their footwork, it comes effortlessly!

What is included with your purchase?

  • Access to all course materials on both mobile devices and your computer
  • Downloadable content for off-line access when you're out training
  • No expiring content—you can go back any time to read and watch lessons. There is no time limit.



Equipment & space needed

  • Comfortable clothing 
  • Shoes designed for running
  • Cones and/or jumps
  • Footwork can be perfected in a small space and then mastered in coursework

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"This course has been AWEsome so far, exactly what I need right now! and the Q&A webinar was extremely useful. Thank you!"  —Louise

"I learned so much! Going back and watching old videos, my footwork sucks LOL! I knew footwork matters, but never realized how much and how much correct footwork does help. I have been practicing with and without my dog, videoing and watching my feet and head. Getting better, but so much to be aware of. Thank you for this fantastic, eye opening series. I will continue to practice and look at my feet and head as I review my videos." —Cathy

"I am loving this course! You have such a great teaching style and I really appreciate the way you break down each movement to help the coordinationally challenged amongst us!" —Leslie

"I wanted to thank you for this class. I have taken so many classes and spent so much money it's not even funny. I learned more in your class than I've ever learned in any other online class. I have recommended your class to anyone who will listen. The results were almost immediate. I have struggled with the first 3 obstacles forever and just by moving my feet we got the first 3 obstacles every time since. It's crazy. We have been trialing AKC local trials for a year (with Covid taking around 4 months) without ever qualifying. It was so disheartening to know I was doing something wrong but couldn't put my finger on it. So last weekend we Q'd and took 1st place in 2 runs." —Suzi