Lotus Ball with Rabbit Fur

Lotus Ball with Rabbit Fur

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Due to customer requests, our new version is an inch smaller than the original!

Some dogs need a little extra motivation to get into your training games. So we've taken our most popular treat-dispensing toy—the Lotus Ball—and covered it with rabbit fur. Although rabbit fur is not the strongest material, it drives most dogs nuts and they will do almost anything to get their paws on this toy.

The Lotus Ball is the original treat-dispensing pull-apart toy! This stimulating, reward-based toy will keep your dog in the game when you are training. The three sections of the ball, the "petals," are lined with Velcro so that you can hide treats inside, and the dog can open the ball and get the treats without destroying the toy. Opening the toy to get the treats out can be made easy or hard for the dog, depending on how tightly you close the petals. 

Lotus Balls are an excellent training toy for food-motivated dogs because they allow you to throw the reward during agility training or place it out as a target. Dog trainers around the country have devised innovative ideas for using Lotus Balls to teach contacts, distance skills, and much more! 

These are the only real Lotus Balls available. We pay a royalty to the original designer and took over manufacturing and design from Premier/PetSafe. So accept no substitutes!

The Lotus Ball with Rabbit Fur is 4" in diameter and approximately 3" high. This toy is is made from commercial-grade rabbit fur, not craft grade. The fur colors ares natural, not dyed, and NO rabbit hides from China are used. Much of the rabbit fur being sold in the USA and Canada originates from China, but the resellers don't tell you that. It costs more to get fur from European countries (where they eat rabbit) that sell frozen hides to tanneries here in the USA who then do the tanning.

Assorted natural rabbit skin colors; please allow us to choose for you.

Note: The Lotus Ball is a dog training tool and is not intended to be given to the dog for self-play. Your dog should be supervised whenever you are using the toy.

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My dog lit up with big smile
Our dog is a soft chew dog. She does not tear up & shred the chew toy the minute they get to play. So, if your dog is same as mine, this toy is great for your dog. We had the first original size (the bigger version) and the new size (smaller version - current model). We liked the old size better for our dog. The size difference is substantial and very noticeable, but old size is not coming back so we had to adapt to the new size. This fur ball is perfect chase toy for general play with/without a treat. Our dog goes to her toy bin and frequently brings this ball back (out of gazillion other toys) and wanting to play with this fur ball. When a treat is inside, my dog knows it and her eyes widen/lit up, laser focused and wants to repeat almost endless . I would love to see two size options for this fur ball: Original Larger size and the current size.
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