Lotus Ball - Small

Lotus Ball - Small


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The Lotus Ball is the original treat-dispensing pull-apart toy! This stimulating, reward-based toy will keep your dog in the game when you are training. The three sections of the ball, the "petals," are lined with Velcro so that you can hide treats inside, and the dog can open the ball and get the treats without destroying the toy. Opening the toy to get the treats out can be made easy or hard for the dog, depending on how tightly you close the petals. There's a nylon webbing loop sewn to the bottom of the Lotus Ball that you can use to attach a rope, handle, or leash to the toy for chase games. 

Lotus Balls are an excellent training toy for food-motivated dogs because they allow you to throw the reward during agility training or place it out as a target. Dog trainers around the country have devised innovative ideas for using Lotus Balls to teach contacts, distance skills, and much more! 

These are the only real Lotus Balls available. We pay a royalty to the original designer and took over manufacturing and design from Premier/PetSafe. So accept no substitutes!

The Small Lotus Ball is 3" in diameter.

Note: The Lotus Ball is a dog training tool and is not intended to be given to the dog for self-play. Your dog should be supervised whenever you are using the toy.

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Dogs love this!!!
Our dogs love this toy. It is soft but tough, made out of long lasting canvas.
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Great training tool
I use this to train my shelties. One did not know how to pick up toys. This taught him. My puppy is using the lotus as a reward for 2x2 weaves right now.
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In my dog's humble opinion, this is the best toy on the market ever to be made. You can absolutely pack the lotus ball with treats and send your dog flying after it. Just make sure to clean it regularly, because slobber can keep the velcro from shutting tightly (and I can tell you, your dog WILL drool all over this toy! ;)
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Teaching to Play Ball
Our 3 year old Sheltie champion show dog never learned to play, had no interest at all. I put treats in the ball, throw it, and now he bounds back and returns the ball to me to open and give him a treat from inside the ball. He loves it, not only chasing and retrieving it, but returning it as well. Great exercise and fun for both of us!
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