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Lotus Ball - Medium

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The Lotus Ball is the original treat-dispensing pull-apart toy! This stimulating, reward-based toy will keep your dog in the game when you are training. The three sections of the ball, the "petals," are lined with Velcro so that you can hide treats inside, and the dog can open the ball and get the treats without destroying the toy. Opening the toy to get the treats out can be made easy or hard for the dog, depending on how tightly you close the petals. There's a nylon webbing loop sewn to the bottom of the Lotus Ball that you can use to attach a rope, handle, or leash to the toy for chase games. 

Lotus Balls are an excellent training toy for food-motivated dogs because they allow you to throw the reward during agility training or place it out as a target. Dog trainers around the country have devised innovative ideas for using Lotus Balls to teach contacts, distance skills, and much more! 

These are the only real Lotus Balls available. We pay a royalty to the original designer and took over manufacturing and design from Premier/PetSafe. So accept no substitutes!

The Medium Lotus Ball is 4" in diameter.

Note: The Lotus Ball is a dog training tool and is not intended to be given to the dog for self-play. Your dog should be supervised whenever you are using the toy.

Customer Reviews

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4/5 with 4 reviews

poor quality
After only a few retrieves, the velco pulled off and exposed the stuffing after my dog attempted to open it. This was not due to dog abuse as we were watching her open the ball when it tore.
Comment from Clean Run We haven't had this problem before so it's likely that it was defective sewing on a particular ball. Please contact info@cleanrun.com so we can replace the product for you.
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Fun Treat Toss
I love this item. It's simple perfect for sending my dog to go out, play chase and fun training for agility.
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Not for 30 pound dogs
I absolutely love these balls, when my corgis see them they go nuts knowing it's play time. I still gave this a 5 Star rating as I thought I'd give the medium balls a try instead of reordering the smaller ones. Big mistake. For a smaller dog like a corgi, when they would paw on the ball they would hold it down just making the velcro impossible to release the treat in side. I gave them to a friend with a lab. The smaller balls are definitely the size for a corgi. I'm hoping the velcro lasts longer then before.
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It works for my non toy motivated dog.
I like the fact that it's easy for my dog to find it, and it holds the treat(s) inside well. The dogs still need to work just a little to open it up to get those rewards. Because my dog is not toy motivated this helps me out when doing agility training. This helps fill the gap between food and toy.
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