The Three Hats of Agility, Part 3: The Competitor's Hat, Being the Competitor You Want to Be

The Three Hats of Agility, Part 3: The Competitor's Hat, Being the Competitor You Want to Be

Instructor: Sandy Rogers
Course Type: On-Demand Webinar
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You can be the competitor that you want to be, but don’t think small. The benefits go far beyond a higher qualifying rate; you can gain happiness and fulfillment from competition that has nothing to do with the placements.

Despite competing for many years, Sandy Rogers wasn't always the competitor she wanted to be, or the one her dog wanted her to be! In this webinar, Sandy shares how she has changed to become that competitor. She discusses many topics, including the important differences between being a competitor that relies on another living being to do their sport vs. a competitor who plays with a ball. Our mental state significantly impacts our dogs' day at an agility trial, so we need to develop routines that help both our sense of well-being and our dogs'.

We have the unique ability to evolve as we choose. Discover where you need to improve or change to be the competitor you want to be.

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