Treat Hugger Fantastically Fun Tug
Put the tug on a leash
Put the tug on a leash
Put the tug on a leash

Treat Hugger Fantastically Fun Tug

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The Treat Hugger will hold any treat, from a single piece of kibble to a larger cookie. Just push the treat in between the two stuffed sections of the toy and toss away! The pressure of the stuffing holds the treat firmly in place. And, unlike food toys made with Velcro, the treat is easily accessible to your dog without him having to open anything.

This version of the Treat Hugger has a handle so that you can start introducing some resistance and tugging to your food-loving dog. It has the same fleece fringes as the Fleece Treat Hugger, but the main body of the toy is made from soft tubular nylon rather than fleece. The treat area is 4" long, 2-1/2" wide, and 1-1/2" high so it's a little smaller than the Fleece Treat Hugger.

We have also found that a lot of toy-motivated dogs find this toy fantastically fun without any treats! It's a great small-profile tug and it tosses well.

 The Treat Hugger was designed by Rachel Evers, an agility instructor in California. Machine washable.

Assorted fleece patterns and nylon handle colors; please allow us to choose for you.

Customer Reviews

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4.4/5 with 5 reviews

Nontoy dogloves it
My Siberian loves this treat hugger. He's not a huge toy dog but this is his favorite. I would suggest a longer handle to protect my hands when he wants to tug.
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Great tug toy
I love this toy and so does my dog. He didn't like to tug a toy until I bought this. We do agility and I have to hide this in my pocket when we practice. I throw it after a sequence. Other people have seen how much he will work in order to get this toy and they have ordered it as well.
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Perfect for foodies and training
This toy is perfect for training to toss the reward for those food motivated dogs. They can access the treat and get immediate reward
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Great training aid
We are on our third one of these. My guy is a super chewer and tugger. He has ripped the first one we had, and now the second one isn't really holding the treat anymore. Still, it is a great tug toy. The first one we got has bigger and had a longer handle. The second one is more like the photo, shorter and smaller handle. Still works for what it is intended for. Ordering a replacement.
Comment from Clean Run Glad to hear that it's working well for you. If your dog is a strong tugger, he can definitely stretch out the material over time which will cause the treat-hugging portion of the toy not to hold the treat as well. The toy was originally designed for hard-to-motivate tuggers to teach them to tug. What you can try with the one you have is washing it and then putting it in the dryer to see if you can "fluff up" the internal stuffing in the treat-holder portion of the toy. You can also try inserting the treat closer to the edge of the toy where the fabric is tighter.
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