Enrichment Games for High-Energy Dogs

Enrichment Games for High-Energy Dogs

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Authors: Barbara Buchmayer
Format: Paperback, 8" x 10"
Length: 160 pages
Release Date: 2023

How could a game transform your dog from the Energizer Bunny into your ideal, adoring companion? By going way beyond the everyday, plain vanilla dog game!

It's time to change your dog's life by playing together. This book introduces 11 unique games that have been carefully crafted to excite and delight your dog while meeting their needs for physical and mental exercise.

While many physical activities provide a dog with plenty of action, your dog needs more than miles, they need mental exercise as well. Your dog craves activities that engage them mentally and physically. They need enrichment games.

These innovative games give your dog the thrill of the chase while building their skills, self-control, and relationship with you. Carefully designed to provide a balanced blend of mind and body activity, these games can provide the mental and physical exercise your dog requires.

These games include dog-lover-tested, pup-approved elements:

  • Fun to play, both indoors and outside
  • Simple to learn and easy to play
  • Perfect for a wide range of skill levels, from pet dogs to sports dogs
  • Totally customizable for you and your dog

Enrichment Game for High-Energy Dogs is a game-changing book that can take your dog from fired up to calmed down so you can enjoy your lives together.

About the Author
Barbara Buchmayer has been involved with animal training her entire life. She has trained dogs, horses, chickens, sheep, and cows. Over the decades, Barb has trained dogs for obedience, herding, and tricks. In 2008 she found positive dog training and since then has adapted her skills from traditional methods to positive ones to create no-regrets relationships with her Border Collies.

"This is not your typical enrichment book, but I recommend it to anyone with a high-energy dog or to trainers who work in highly distracting environments as a way to increase the engagement and connection between you and your dog!"  —Ken Ramirez, Chief Training Officer for Karen Pryor Clicker Training

"Dig into Barb Buchmayer's book, Enrichment Games for High-Energy Dogs, and you'll be captivated by creative and fun games that will keep your high-energy dog engaged mentally and physically while building self-control and a great relationship. Barb's writing style is encouraging and explanatory, with good-natured humor sprinkled throughout. Laughing and learning with your dog—it can't get much better than that!"   —Lisa Lyle Waggoner, Certified Professional Dog Trainer and author of The Original Rocket Recall

"It takes the reader through each of the stages of the games, making them easy to understand and explaining how to effectively communicate with your dog whilst playing! It's really great to see how the games build on each other from beginner level up to advanced. A great resource that I'll be recommending to all my students!"   —Dr. Holly Tett, Canine Behaviourist & Clinical Psychologist, Paws Up Dogs

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