Recycled Cow Milker Tug

Recycled Cow Milker Tug


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Our Recycled Cow Milker Tugs are rubber liners (called "inflations") from milking machines that have been used to milk real cows on real farms. Although the inflations are sanitized to kill bacteria, contact with the cows leaves an irresistable smell that dogs love. And, just in case you're wondering... while most humans find the smell to be a little odd, it's not at all offensive.

These make great, high-value tug toys. The length is approximately 11". 

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This turns my dog into a tugging demon
I don't understand it, but I don't need to. I expected to use this as a base to a fleece tug toy, but he was obsessed with it the first time I offered it for tug, so i don't even need to add anything. Seems tough and works well for tug and toss and its really inexpensive. Would recommend.
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This is the Best!
My mini aussie pup (22 mos,) is crazy about fetching, shaking and retrieving this toy. She cries when we finish fetch sometimes now. I would say she is obsessed with it! We have tried many fetch toys - some great ones, but this is by far the favorite. Another good thing about it is how easy it is for me to toss, I can underhand toss it, without a lot of effort. My yard is short though. I don't know if it would go really far easily or not because I haven't had an opportunity to find out.
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