Salo Gridwork Jumps - Set of 6

Salo Gridwork Jumps - Set of 6


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These jumps are designed to make training gridwork easy. They are super lightweight (each jump weighs just a smidge over 13 oz.) and designed with smaller uprights than a regular agility jump so that they are easy to move.

Why does Susan use this type of jump for gridwork training? She comments, "I can't overstate how much I love these footwork grid pieces! They are all one unit which makes setting up footwork so easy, and they are very safe for all dogs as the height is always low so that the dog can learn good balance and weight shift without having to produce elevation at the same time. Without striping they are also distinct from jump bars." Susan recommends a minimum of 6 jumps to do foundation grid footwork training.

We provide all the parts for these jumps; assembly is required but it's very straightforward. 


  • 4-foot long jump bars
  • Jump height is fixed at 4.5"
  • Uprights are 26.5"
  • Made from furniture-grade PVC pipe and UV-stable polypropylene

Packaging: You receive all the parts required for 6 complete gridwork jumps.

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