Biggie's Bungee Bunny Pouch - Mini

Biggie's Bungee Bunny Pouch - Mini

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Biggie's Bungee Bunny Tug has been a customer favorite for years, but we've had some customers ask for a smaller, less conspicuous size they can switch to once their dog is more motivated. So here's our mini version! 

The "bungee" portion of Biggie's Bungee Bunny Mini Tug is a handle made from soft-touch nylon covering two pieces of shock cord. It is designed to act as a shock absorber between you and the dog so that you'll be more comfortable while tugging and to provide exciting resistance to the dog without you actually having to pull hard on the toy. This keeps tugging fun for the dog, but makes tugging easier on your body! The tension is just right for this purpose; you don't need to worry about the toy flying back at you or the dog. 

The bungee handle is 12" long and the heavy-duty nylon, bunny fur covered pouch is 2.25" high and 6" long. The pouch is sealed with Velcro, but it's easy for you to open because of the easy-grip loops at the top (they're easier to grab than the traditionally used tabs). The interior is made from yellow Cordura so that it's easy to clean and easy for you to see the rewards inside. 

Biggie's Bungee Bunny Mini Tug is made from commercial-grade rabbit fur, not craft grade. The fur colors ares natural, not dyed, and NO rabbit hides from China are used. Much of the rabbit fur being sold in the USA and Canada originates from China, but the resellers don't tell you that. It costs more to get fur from European countries (where they eat rabbit) that sell frozen hides to tanneries here in the USA who then do the tanning.

Assorted color combinations; please allow us to choose for you.

Note: We design Clean Run rabbit fur tug toys for interactive use while training your dog. Engaging dogs in tug and play is an important part of many training programs, but some dogs have to learn to love tug and need something special, like real fur, to get their interest. These toys are not designed to be given to your dog for self-play or to be used with tugging maniacs. Bunny fur is delicate and is intended to help with motivation.

Customer Reviews

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3.3/5 with 4 reviews

Great motivational toy for gentle tuggers :)
My Miniature American Shepherd LOVES rabbit fur, as I've discovered. This is one of our favorites! It's a great size to put in a pocket, no squeakers so it's allowed in FEO, and the treat pocket is big enough for most treats. Very versatile toy! I bought two and have used them for training and trials for many months now. I haven't noticed any tears or seen much fur come off, personally.
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Dog loves it, but fragile
Teaching my dog tug with this since she is so food (and rabbit :)) motivated -- love that you can hide a treat inside. Unfortunately, we've used this 5-6 times and with each session more and more fur gets torn off -- this is just from play and not allowing her to chew on it. I can't really recommend the toy at this price/durability ratio. Hopefully, it can hold on for a few more sessions as we transition to a real tug.
Comment from Clean Run We're happy to hear that your dog enjoys the tug. As we mention in the product description, "Bunny fur is delicate and is intended to help with motivation." There's nothing we can do to make the hide stronger. Hair will come out. The good news is that dogs generally are still very motivated by the hide even when it's getting bald because of the scent. One thing you can do is save the fur and use it inside a toy like this along with food - - this is a good transition tug for dogs that are starting to tug hard.
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Needs improvement
I like the concept (and so does my dog!) but the velcro strips are halfway down in the pouch leaving little room for treats, and also making it too easy for the dog to open. I wish the velcro strips were on the edge of the pouch to provide a stronger, wider food hiding area. In addition, the velcro started unraveling almost right away (lots of loose strands) and has now stopped being sticky. Good size for a smaller dog, nice bungee handle, but pouch could be improved.
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terriers love it, rabbit skin is fragile
I didn't use this much with my older girl because the fur is so fragile. But, I needed a good tug with my younger guy in the ring. I've used it 4 times, and it is quickly morphing into bare skin, the fur just comes off so easily. The pouch itself is rather thin and i think it won't last much longer. I rated it average because, you know, terriers, LOL!
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