NiteHowl LED Safety Necklaces

NiteHowl LED Safety Necklaces



With this ring around the Rover, you and everyone else will be able to see exactly where he is in the dark, from any angle and up to 1000' away! 

Illumination has come full circle, literally. The brilliantly durable NiteHowl LED Safety Necklace is made with a flexible polymer tube, illuminated by two bright LEDs (blue, green, or red), and simply slides over your dog's neck for hours of nighttime fun and safety.

Just trim the tube to a custom fit, give the button on the durable, weather-resistant housing a quick press, and the entire collar lights up a full 360°, making your dog clearly visible from all angles. The LEDs can be set to either flash or glow modes — great for differentiating more than one NiteHowl-wearing dog. But, as fun as it is (like a neon necklace for dogs!), the best thing about the NiteHowl is that it keeps you and your buddy seriously safe on those after-hours walks, romps in the park, and campsite moon-howling sessions.


  • Two bright LEDs
  • Easily slides over your dog's neck as a bright LED addition to an existing collar
  • Universal sizing: cut to fit from 12" to 27"
  • Glow and flash modes
  • 360° of illumination
  • Battery run time: 60 hours
  • Weather resistant

Packaging: Red NiteHowl LED Safety Necklace comes with 2 replaceable 1154 batteries; blue and green NiteHowl Necklaces come with 3 replaceable 1154 batteries.


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