Tuff Balls - Nonabrasive Nontoxic Tennis Balls

Tuff Balls - Nonabrasive Nontoxic Tennis Balls


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Not everything that looks like a tennis ball really is one! 

Tuff Balls may look like the tennis balls which are designed for the court, but unlike tennis balls they are nontoxic and nonabrasive.

  • Tuff Balls have extra-thick natural rubber walls (4mm) which provide durability and bounce. They are covered with nonabrasive polyester felt so they won't wear down your dog's teeth. Real tennis balls are made with wool, or wool mixed with nylon, which acts like sandpaper on teeth. 
  • Tuff Balls are certified non-toxic, colorfast, and conform to US and European child toy safety standards (CPSIA, ASTM-F963, EN-71) whereas all the components of real tennis balls contain chemicals, from the rubber ball, to the neon yellow fuzz covering it, and the glue that keeps it all together.

Available in 3 sizes:

Ball Size Diameter
Mini 1.8"
Regular 2.5"
Large 4"

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