Voila Ultimate Treat Pouch - Limited Edition Cloud Set
Standard, 16 oz.
Standard, 16 oz.
Large, 24 oz.
Large, 24 oz.
Contents of Limited Edition Kit
Contents of Limited Edition Kit
Standard, 16 oz.
Large, 24 oz.
Contents of Limited Edition Kit

Voila Ultimate Treat Pouch - Limited Edition Cloud Set

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 Behind every good dog is a great trainer. And behind every great trainer is an arsenal of tools and resources. Crafted from the highest-quality, food-grade silicone, the Ultimate Treat Pouch is a multipurpose training tool that transitions from a treat carrier to a waterproof drinking bowl on the go.

This LIMITED EDITION SET features a buttery soft, silicone pouch with a spring-assisted hinge closure that makes the pouch easy to open and secure, giving you quick access to treats. It is a seasonal color and comes with these accessories:

  • Pre-installed Adventure Clip: This clip adds versatility to your Ultimate Treat Pouch. Made from tough, weather-resistant polymer, the clip makes it easy to remove and attach your pouch from a variety of surfaces. Quickly slip a belt on and off through the slot, clip the pouch onto your pants pocket, or even attach it to another bag or backpack.
  • Sturdy and adjustable belt that  fits up to a   46" waist: This custom-designed belt features a Cobra-style buckle with a quick adjust lever for fast and easy fitting. An elastic nylon strap offers just the right amount of stretch, ensuring all day comfort. Sturdy enough to hold several Ultimate Treat Pouches. 
  • Oil-based lubricant

The Voilà! Ultimate Treat Pouch is a highly efficient, stylish, and easy-to-clean delivery system, capable of storing your dog's treats while prolonging their freshness. 

Key Features

  • Made from tear-resistant, non-toxic, BPA-free, 100% food-grade silicone
  • Wide-mouth opening designed for efficient and speedy treat delivery
  • Sturdy and adjustable Ultimate Belt that  fits up to a   46" waist
  • Spring-assisted closure prevents unwanted access and spillage
  • Easy-to-clean, stink-proof, antimicrobial material


The Ultimate Treat Pouch is available in 2 sizes:

Pouch Size Pouch Height & Width Mouth Opening Bottom Width & Depth Belt Size Capacity
Standard 5" x 8.125" 4.6" 7" x 2.25" 1.2" x 46" 16 oz., 2 cups
Large 5.75" x 8.125" 4.6" 5.5" x 1.8" 1.5" x 46" 24 oz., 3 cups

Deciding between the Large or Standard treat pouch may not solely be dependent on the size or breed of your dog. While there is the obvious difference in capacity between the two, several other factors may be considered to help with your decision: 

  • Along with having a smaller footprint, the Standard pouch has a belt that is slightly narrower and has a custom designed buckle that is also smaller in size when compared to the buckle that comes with the Large pouch. The combination of the lighter belt and pouch result in a net weight savings of approximately 60 grams or 2 ounces. When every bit matters, such as on a strenuous hike while carrying heavy gear, this is worth considering. 
  • The base of the Standard pouch is about 1/2" inch flatter than the Large pouch, so it sits more flush when worn on a belt. 
  • The Large pouch is 3/4" taller when compared to the Standard so it holds more. This may be useful during longer outings or training sessions. Plus, due to its wider base, the Large pouch can be freestanding and double as a water bowl.

How is the Ultimate Treat Pouch different from other bait bags?

There are dozens of treat pouches on the market, but the Voilà! Ultimate Treat Pouch is the only design crafted from the highest-quality food-grade silicone with a spring-assisted mechanism for easy opening and closing. Every detail has been meticulously engineered, from a wide-access opening for speedy treat delivery to a sturdy, stay-put belt for hands-free training. Voilà Pets also carefully considered its slim, sleek profile, which makes it highly wearable without being cumbersome in the slightest. We’re confident you'll love it after your first try.

Can I wash the Ultimate Treat Pouch in water?

Yes! Although the pouch is dishwasher safe, for best results, Voilà Pets recommends hand washing. Fill the pouch about halfway with lukewarm water, add a couple drops of dishwasher detergent, close the pouch and swirl it to disperse the liquid evenly. Rinse thoroughly before use. Avoid using harsh chemicals.

Click here to watch an instructional video.

My new pouch is a little stiff and makes a slight grinding noise when opening and closing. Is this normal?

Yes, this is perfectly normal. The custom-designed spring made for your pouch may need a short break-in period. This will ensure that the metal contact points at the hinges are perfectly mated for a smooth operation. Before initial use, Voilà Pets recommends applying a few drops of oil (included with your purchase). 

How do I oil the pouch?

1. Using the tube of oil that's provided, lubricate your pouch when it becomes slightly "sticky" to open.

2. Insert the tip of the tube into the holes at the bottom of each corner, squeezing a drop or two of oil while holding the pouch upside down.

3. Open and close the pouch to distribute the oil evenly.

Note: Some oils may damage silicone. We recommend using only the lubricant that is provided.

Click here to watch an instructional video.

What is the Voilà Pets' Limited Lifetime Warranty policy?

The Ultimate Treat Pouch is designed with the strictest quality standards. With normal usage and proper care, it is meant to last many years. Voilà Pets is committed to offering excellent service, which is why they offer a non-transferable Limited Lifetime Warranty to the person who originally made the purchase. If your pouch or accessory becomes damaged as a result of a manufacturing error, or if defects appear due to substandard materials, Voilà Pets will gladly repair or replace it free of charge. 

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